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50 Things to do in Kingston: June Edition

Kingston is home to an endless supply of festivals and events this month, showcasing local music, artisans, organizations, and more! Without further ado, here’s the list (in no particular order)! Theatre + Live Performances 2. Spencer ‘Spenny’ Rice (of Kenny vs. Spenny) performs at The Mansion Tuesday nights – and as an added bonus, its also Taco Tuesday! (every Tuesday) 3. The Grand Theatre hosts Jane…

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4 Weeks, 8 Fests: Your June Festivals Guide

Summer festivals season is finally back — and it’s kicking off in June with a bang. From a marathon with a Beethoven soundtrack to a craft beer party overlooking downtown Kingston, you’ve got your pick this month. Plus, Movies in the Square and Music in the Park return. Here are the details on 8 fests, in calendar order, to put on your June to-do list….

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