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Wine & Food

Hub of the Waterfront District: The Common Market

Tables and chairs of different heights and shapes welcome visitors of The Common Market as if it were a home away from home. A passion for food and coffee led one-time graphic designer Louise Stalker from the hustle and bustle of Toronto to the charming city of Kingston. Inspired by the history, diverse culture and great food, The Common Market was established in 2010 at…

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Wine & Food

A Place Like No Other: Sir John’s Public House

Once a trained curator and historian for the federal government, now entrepreneur and restaurateur Paul Fortier has had quite the journey in Kingston with his company, Jessup Food and Heritage. With locations that include Renaissance Event Venue, Fort Henry Restaurants and his recent establishment of Sir John’s Public House, Jessup Food and Heritage is taking Kingston by storm. Envisioned to be a traditional and casual Scottish Pub…

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Articles by Personality

Alaina Leslie

Blogger extraordinaire. Photographer. Health nut.

Arthur Milnes

Commissioner of the Sir John A. Macdonald Bicentennial Commission

Jocelyne Kilpatrick

Community Specialist for the Claire Closet, Kingston

Y.Y. Jenny Lee

Educator, Abolitionist, Community Builder

Jason Manuge

Writer. Marketer. Social Media Aficionado

Julia Segal

Founder of Kingston Ontario's first Culinary Tourism Company

Kingston Accommodation Partners

Promoter of all things Kingston

Margaret Coughlin

Lover of words, runner, volunteer, recovering winter-phobe.

Rosalyn Gambhir

Type A, Perfectionist, Workaholic

Patrick Bisson

Community Manager. Writer. Social Media Champion