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25 Things to do in Kingston: August Edition

Get ready for another fun-filled month in Kingston, with plenty of special events, festivals, musical performances and much more to keep you busy while you’re in town. With several annual festivals, delicious food events, and a visit by some of the Canadian greats (to name a few) – there’s plenty to see and do in Limestone City in August. Without further ado (and in no particular…

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Arts & Culture

“Kick & Push” Your way to This Summer Festival

Imagine standing in the bar/reception area of The Grand Theatre waiting for the show to begin. Instead of being shown to your seat by one of the volunteer ushers, you are approached by one of the actors. You are then led around The Grand Theatre as you dig into the mysterious disappearance of millionaire Ambrose Small, who was the owner of the theatre (and many others)…

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Alaina Leslie

Blogger extraordinaire. Photographer. Health nut.

Arthur Milnes

Commissioner of the Sir John A. Macdonald Bicentennial Commission

Claire Bouvier

Photographer + Visual Storyteller

Christine Bruce

Published author and CFRC radio broadcaster

Cynthia Peters

All things food and wine

Jocelyne Freundorfer

Adventurer, Culturist, Librarian.

Y.Y. Jenny Lee

Educator, Abolitionist, Community Builder

Jason Manuge

Writer. Marketer. Social Media Aficionado

Julia Segal

Founder of Kingston Ontario's first Culinary Tourism Company

Jordan Whitehouse

Reader, redhead and writer on all things food, travel, community and culture.

Kingston Accommodation Partners

Promoter of all things Kingston

Lindy Mechefske

Author, Freelance Writer, and Food Blogger

Margaret Coughlin

Lover of words, runner, volunteer, recovering winter-phobe.

Michelle McShane

Wife. Mother. Outdoor Adventurer. (not in any particular order)

Rosalyn Gambhir

Type A, Perfectionist, Workaholic

Tianna Edwards

Communications Officer

Patrick Bisson

Community Manager. Writer. Social Media Champion